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Floor Restorers / Maintainers


Buckeye® Equity™ Spray Restorer

Ready-to-use spray restorer for buffing and burnishing. Deep cleans, builds radiant gloss. Improves finish durability.

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Buckeye® Floortonic™ Burnishing Liquid - Gal.

One-step cleaner and gloss restorer. Extends the service life of your floor finish and reduces your labor costs! Contains no polymers. Use with autoscrubbers or mop and bucket applications. pH neutral. Improves slip resistance. 4 per case.

Alternate #5110-1000
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Buckeye® R.P.M.™ Floor Finish Enhancer

Ultra high speed gloss finish enhancer. May be mopped on 1:4 dilution or through Autoscrubber 1:10 dilution.

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Brulin® #5 Restorer Floor Cleaner - 64 oz., SCS2

Auto scrub polymer-based concentrate cleaner/maintainer - revolutionary - super concentrate 1:256. Use with SCS2 dispenser.

Alternate #192005-33

Brulin® Instant Replay Scrubber Pack® - 8 oz.

Daily UHS one-step cleaner maintainer. Polymeric micro-film technology heals minor scratches without yellowing or build-up. Cleans, repairs and fills in one pass. Enhances UHS gloss and clarity, raises gloss 10 points.

Alternate #193005-GG

Brulin® Instant Replay® Floor Restorer - Gal.

Combines two maintenance steps into one. The most significant advance in floor care in 20 years-a low foam floor polish cleaner/maintainer. Biodegradable, no flash point, low foaming. Coverage: 6400 sq. ft. per gallon at 2 oz./gallon dilution.

Alternate #102006-04
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Floor Science® Spray Buff, 1gal Bottle

This spray buff is merely one step in the full line of floor care products designed to work together and keep your floors looking like new. The effective formula cleans and restores the high gloss “wet look” of Floor Science® Finish on all resilient and nonresilient floors (except wood, cork and painted surfaces). A great cleaner that performs multiple functions in one simple step—it cleans, shines, removes heel marks, scratches and ingrained dirt. At the end of the cleaning process, the formula leaves a brilliant shine without build-up or discoloration. Plus, it's versatile, it can be used with low-speed or high-speed floor maintenance programs. Covers up to 30,000 sq. ft per gallon.